Monday, July 30, 2007

Venus Vibrance: Is it Worth the Slurge?

YES! Or at least if it's given as a present.....

I can't believe that I'm even writing a post about the Venus Vibrance Razor. But here's how it all began......A year ago I was given the razor as a free gift from a softball sponsorship. All of the girls on my sister's team received one, along with their families. Not wanting to get myself hooked on a razor that cost more than I would pay for a shirt (tis true, I shop sales), I threw it in my "extra bath stuff" box with the original Venus razor my parents had given me 2 Christmas' ago.

I had decided to not use the razors until all my disposables were used up and I had no other choice. That faithful day arrived. I reluctantly tore open the package and hopped in the shower. After a quick shave, I was in love with my new razor. When I say quick, I mean quick, and not even one nick.

Venus gave me the closest shave ever! My legs were left feeling smooth and silky. Apparently, the vibrations coming off of the razor head wisp away dry skin that can leave your legs feeling rough.

So, next time you're in the market for a new razor, try Venus Vibrance! Perhaps replacement blades might make it on my Christmas list!


New Mom said...

Venus is definitely the best! The replacement heads are expensive though. I guess for the amount of time and the silky smooth effect it is worth it! (Plus, they do last way longer than the cheapies.)

Kimberly said...

I have a physical disability, so razors are a tricky subject at best. I haven't looked at Venus, but I used to use the "Flicker". It was the perfect size and shapes and I never got a nick. Naturally, they stopped making it for a time and now they are hard for me to find.

I splurged a few months ago and bought a men's Norelco electric/power wet/dry razor. It works great. I had looked at women's razors, but they all did the job and the Norelco was significantly cheaper than most of the women's ones.

Mrs. U said...

Oooh!! What a neat looking razor!!! I would LOVE to try it!! I have this weird thing about me- I HAVE to shave my legs EVERY DAY!! I can't stand those little pricklies growing out and the thought of poor Mr. U touching my stubbly legs... eeewwwww!! Sooo... maybe this razor would help them stay smoother longer???

Mrs. U

Heather said...

I have not tried this razor simply because of their ad campaign - 'bring out the goddess in you' is completely opposed to the Biblical truth that there is only one God - and I am not He! My 9 year old daughter was shocked to hear the ads over the in store t.v. at WalMart - we don't watch t.v. at home so she was amazed that 'they' could put those lies on a t.v. commercial. I have written to Gilette a number of times in opposition to their advertisements and asked them to change their tag line, but to no avail. We are currently boycotting Gilette and all their affilitates.
I'm glad you like their rasor, but I'll keep looking for something that works from a company that isn't spouting lies to women! Aside form the theological implications, I find the ads insulting. Aren't we all too intelligent to belive that a razor can make that kind of change in a woman's life? I do hope so!

Heather said...

Correction - it's 'reveal the godess in you'. just wanted to be accurate since I was on my soapbox anyway!