Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bringing Back Natural

I live in the far South where the women talk with sweet Southern accents, love their sweet tea and diet coke, welcome you into their homes with "something to eat or drink", and tan until their skin is burned and wrinkled.....WHAT?!? Ah, sounded like a fairly tale, I'm sure you were already imagining a sweet Southern Belle is her long dress and lace fan, but truth be told, most of the women here are covered in dark, leathery skin (and it's not natural).

Tanning seems to be all about fashion, what's hot at the time. Any doctor, or beauty magazine will tell you the dangers of tanning, including skin cancer, premature aging, and problems with your eyes. Yet, we still do it. As Christian women we say that we don't want to do what the World does, but we're still burning away in the sun or in tanning booths. Why?

Here's what I implore, let us ladies go back to being natural! Love who you are and the skin God gave you! Why wouldn't you want to do what is healthy any how? Are you going to let some model or teenager in a mini tell you what shade your skin should be? No.

Who is with me?!?!

*Note - I'm not in disagreement with some color while working outside in the yard, or garden, or what-have-you.


luckiest mama said...

I've always been very fair-skinned, and I love it! When all those tanning-bed addicts get to be 50 and their skin looks like leather, I'll still look good, LOL!

I confess I did go to a tanning bed to prepare for our wedding/honeymoon in Jamaica.


JeniBeans said...

I'm au naturale as well. I have olive toned skin, which I really like and it doesn't take much of being out working in the flower bed to get a nice brown going on. Not that it's the reason I'm out in the flower bed.

I see people that are so brown they look like a piece of beef jerky. Just about as wrinkly too! Why do they want to look like that? ick.

I know that I can get to a point in a tan that I start looking gross and I try to avoid that. But trust me..with 4 kids homeschooling..I don't get out too much...even into the flower beds anymore. LOL

Mrs. Pear said...

I am totally with you - besides, who has time to sit outside and tan anyways!

Also, I want to set a good example for my fair haired daughter, so we wear our hats, and in the hottest part of the day we play in the shade.

Our 'tans' are accidents, something that might happen while we are doing something else, so we have nice "farmer tan" lines, and sandal tans, but they came while we were gardening, walking, or having fun.

Tammy said...

Here in Michigan, in the dead of winter, there are gals who have dark, dark tans, and bleach blond hair. They look so natural. Well, maybe not! ;-) I don't tan on purpose, but I do get a slight tan in the summer, just from being out gardening.

Mrs. U said...

I am very light skinned. I think my legs match my socks- tee hee!!

I haven't tanned in EONS and will never again!! I do have a tube of self-tanner that my sister gave me to help me get rid of the "glow" that my legs give off from being so white!! LOL!!!

Mrs. U

LisaM said...

I'm with you!

Chrissy said...

I just found your blog, it's lovely! I agree with you on natural skin, I have porcelain skin and enjoy being whiter than all my friends in Summer.