Sunday, July 15, 2007

Make-Over Results

Whew! Who knew giving a make-over could be so much fun! Last Thursday I took Tina and her cousin out to shop for make-up and for lunch. We had a blast! I really appreciate all of your tips. Here is the before and after pictures!

BEFORE: The two of us shopping!
Here's what we ended up using:

Maybelline Loose Powder
CoverGirl Blend Liquid Foundation (could've been a tad darker)
Maybelline Mascara (pink tube with green lid which she already had)
Unknown Lip gloss (she already had)
Cheap Eyeliner (Budgets stink, so did this 93 cent liner, which we are NEVER buying again!)
Sea Sponge for foundation application
Maybelline Eyeshadow in Champagne
CoverGirl Concealer
Seabreeze Face Cleanser
Equate Firm Moisturizer
A LOT of Healthy Self-Confidence!

I had no idea that make-up was so expensive! I wanted to try CoverGirl TruBlend on her and Physicians Formula, but even with coupons those was too expensive for us! I think the make-up we got will work for the time being.


Tammy said...

You are both very pretty. =) It's nice to have a face to associate with your name, Melissa.

Most stores (Wal-mart, Walgreens, etc.) will return makeup if you aren't happy with it. Sometimes you just can't tell in the store whether or not the makeup is going to blend with your skin well, and it is nice to shop at a store with that policy!

Melissa said...


Hmm...well, we did get it at Wal-Mart maybe we could return sometime.....

I think Tina may need a bronzing powder for her face to make sure it matches her tan skin during the summer (she rides horses), so she can use the same foundation during the winter without bronzer.

Thanks for your comment!

Dru said...


I am brand new to your sight and I love it so far. You did a wonderful job on her makeup like Tammy said you probably could return it and go maybe a shade darker but not much mor than that. It really is hard when you can't try it before you buy it. You did a great job she looks great and you have such a natural look and a beautiful complexion. My name is Dru I am 43 a christian, married for 22 years to my dh, I have 3 boys and I homeschool and I love anything to do with beauty in a modest sort of way and I think you are the model of that. I hope to get to know you better and get some great tips from you.


Mrs. U said...

Melissa, I think you and Tina did a wonderful job. The only concern I may have if I was her mother would be that her eyes were a bit too dark for me. Perhaps her mother won't mind, though. I think it's the mascara that I don't care for- maybe too many coats????

Just thinking out loud... :)

Mrs. U

Tracy said...

She looks lovely, but I sort of agree with Mrs. U. The lashes look very dark, and clumped together instead of natural looking. Accentuate what you have should always be the rule. I love Loreal mascara. It is a little pricey, between $6-$8, but it is worth it.

Melissa said...

Mrs. U and Tracy,

I try for natural, perhaps I'm not very good at it. I'm not very good at applying make-up on others, and taking her to a make-up stand would have been worse on her. If you have tips for a better way to apply mascara, I would be grateful for that. Keeping Tina natural was important for me, but giving her more lashes was too. It's hard to find a happy-medium with tiny lashes.

Dru: It is VERY nice to meet you. I'm happy to have you visiting this blog. I too love to learn about beauty and modesty, so this will be a fun blog for both of us!

New Mom said...

Melissa, First of all, let me say that you have gorgeous skin. I'll take any advice that you have! (Although I have to say, I do think a lot of it is genetic. I take really good care of mine and I still get zits sometimes:(

As for Tina's makeup, I thought you did a good job playing up her eyes. They are her best feature and it looks like you chose a nice neutral liner to enhance them. (But as you can see from by blog, I'm not all that much of a "natural" makeup wearer! In my profile pic, my husband wanted me to look Persian so I have on a TON of eyeliner... just in case anyone is wondering.)

Please tell Tina she looks pretty for me.

Melissa said...

New Mom: I will definitely give Tina the message! She wore her make-up to church on Sunday and it was beautiful, not over bearing. She did a wonderful job putting it on herself, even her mascara. I asked her if anyone noticed, and they didn't. I believe though that they DID notice, but just couldn't put their finger on what was different (and that's a good thing!)

Thanks for your compliment!