Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Clean, Clean, Clean Your Ears! (to the tune of Row Row Row Your boat)

One of the very things I neglect to clean often is my ears. Before I started my new ear cleaning routine I use to clean my ears using a Q-tip. I've never been a fan of soap on a washcloth, so a Q-tip seemed best for me, only not safest as sometimes I would hurt the inside of my ears!

Nowadays, this is how I clean my ears:

First I use a dry Q-tip and run it throughout my outer ear, being careful not to enter the ear canal. The head of the Q-tip should never be out-of-site. What this means is, when cleaning your ear, as a rule of thumb, the cotton head should always be in site. If you can't see the cotton, you've got too far into the canal. What is in your ear canal needs to stay there unless a doctor removes it.

Did you know that the outer part of your ears have pores? These pores can get clogged, leaving you with a pimple-like sore. Yuck! Try using an astringent to clean your ears:

-Wet a Q-tip with an astringent like my favorite, Sea Breeze for Sensitive Skin*.

-Run the saturated, but not dripping Q-tip around in the nooks and crannies in your ears. (Sounds funny doesn't it). Astringent will help get rid of the dirt and grime that you can't ready see.

-Next clean the backside of your ear using a saturated cotton swab.

That's it! Now you have refreshed ears, hehe! Seriously, try it! Let me know how it works!

***I seriously love using Sea Breeze for my face too. I love being able to see all the dirt I removed afterwards. And you can't bet that tingling, refreshing feel!


Lean Not said...

I'll try it. I also use Sea Breeze (love it!) and am meticulous about cleaning my ears, but I have never thought of putting anything on the Q-tip. It sounds like a good idea!

Mrs. Bonnie said...

I may have missed it somewhere else , but what is and where do you get Sea Breeze? The name is quite intriguing!

Melissa said...

Hi Mrs. Bonnie,

Sea Breeze can be found at Wal-Mart (for sure). It's a liquid astringent. You can use it to wash your face (applying to a cotton ball). I often use it after I wash my face to pick up any extra dirt left over. It's also nice to use first thing in the morning for a wakeup call!

Thanks for asking!

Melissa :D