Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Call Me a Quitter, Nah! Conditioner Only Results

The most important thing is that I tried! Yes, for the past 11 days, I did not wash my hair with shampoo, but conditioner only. I know that you are all dying to know the results! Here's what happened:

-I realized that my hair doesn't have to be shampooed every day.

-My scalp produces too much oil, because I make it. By shampooing my hair daily I strip the natural oils from my hair causing my scalp to over-produce.

-On Sunday I realized that my hair really was lacking body.

-This morning after a misty walk (which was called off by rain), I threw in the towel and shampooed my hair.

I do believe with more "practice" my hair could do MOSTLY without shampoo. I decided last night that I must start shampooing my hair every once-in-a-while because my hair needs every bit of body that it can get from shampoo, conditioner wasn't cutting it.

Here's my new plan:

-Limit Shampooing to three times, or twice a week.
-Find conditioner with EXTRA BODY!

-ALWAYS leave in conditioner as long as possible before rinsing
-ALWAYS rinse with the coolest water possible. It seals up the healthy shine in my hair.
What do I recommend?!?!

TRY IT! Don't be afraid. If you get scared and panic, just shampoo like normal. Take baby steps by skipping one day here and one day there. I truly believe it's worth trying!
For future reference, this is my hair, hehe! I probably should have shown you these first. These two were taken on Sunday, I started on Friday. Check out New Mom at Growing Up Gracefully, she took pictures after the first day! Let's watch her blog as she experiments with CO!


JeniBeans said...

WOW. thanks for the update. I had been wondering about you. =)

For the record, I wash mine on Sunday mornings (before church) and on Wednesday afternoon (before church) and usually again on Saturday. This is usually just because I feel the need to, due to my hair being all over the place. LOL Pregnancy hormones have been doing funny things with my hair this time around. I normally wear it up because of the length (it's basically to my knees) and therefore it doesn't really get 'dirty'. And even after the stupid perm I got (never again!) it's not dry or breaking off or anything.

p.s. I usually don't get out alot during the week either since I'm a SAHM to 4 and homeschool on top of that, so it's not too necessary to make my hair look really REALLY Nice (that really requires washing) .

Melissa said...

Aw, you're sweet. Thanks for wondering about me. I've been really busy and have missed blogging.

I work as a baker so my hair gets filled with all kinda of sugar dust and oven heat, haha!

Sunday is definitely a day to wash hair. I love looking my best on Sundays! The other days is a bun, as I can't stand having my hair down around food, yuck!

Thanks for commenting. I hope your hair doesn't give you fits during your pregnancy :D

Mrs. U said...

Your hair looks so pretty!!!

I am glad that you shared your COing experience. It's going well for me so far. I am "washing" with Suave and conditioning the ends with Dove Conditioner. I've discovered I HAVE to use conditioner with "cones" on the ends of my hair, otherwise it feels like straw and is impossible to comb or brush! :)

These have been fun posts!

Mrs. U

Melissa said...

Thanks Mrs. U!

These posts have been fun! It's the fellow bloggers that make it fun too! That's so interesting that your hair has to have "cones" on the ends. Your hair has been looking really good, I think I need more conditioner, myself :/.

Melissa :D

Anna S said...

I love your hair, Melissa. Did I mention I only wash my hair twice or three times a week? I think this is how it's strong, silky and shiny even though it's very long.

Anonymous said...

I wash my hair with shampoo every otherday aor two. It varies. I rinse with conditioner on the other days. I had very long hair until a year ago and I cut it for Locks of Love, which I've done 4 or 5 times. Anyway, I've noticed that I need to wash more often with shorter hair.

I think it may be because, when it is shorter, I tend to brush it away from my face with my hands more.


luckiest mama said...

I'll have to try CO sometime.

I only wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week. This sounds strange, but my hair actually looks better on day two or three than the day I wash my hair. And with a 3 year old and a 1 year old, plus a full time job, there's no way I'd have time to wash my hair everyday.

My hair is chin length right now. I cut 10" off a few years ago and sent it to Locks of Love. I wish I could do it again, but my hair is so thick and heavy and hot.

Love your blog!


Mrs.B. said...

Am I understanding correctly that your pictures are of your hair after washing with CO for several days? Your hair looks GREAT, not oily at all and very healthy.

My hair used to be stick-straight but as I've gotten older because of greying and hormonal changes my hair is wavy/almost curly. I wish it were either curly or straight, it's very difficult to deal with. If I don't wash it for a day or so it becomes straighter but my head feels itchy and my scalp gets sore. I might try the CO and see how it goes though.

Thanks for these posts, they've been fun! (o:

New Mom said...

Ok Melissa, that's not fair. Your hair was already beautiful to start with;) Although I do have to give you props for going 11!!! days. Call me a quitter but I just could NOT take it anymore. It was fun taking the challenge though. Sooo what're we gonna do next!?! Hmmm, you'll have to think of another great experiment.

Melissa said...

Anna: I think I'm going to end up washing my hair a couple times a week too. I want my hair to be healthy, but I also want it to be manageable, and that seems to involve some shampooing.

Kimberly: A friend of mine was just asking today, does CO work for women with short hair (she also donated to Locks of Love)? I'm assuming it does, do you know more about this? Maybe you're right, it has more to do with touching it, rather than it just plainly needing more washing because it's short.

Anonymous said...

It works about the same, I suppose. Less conditioner needed of course. I think also it will work better with thicker hair. My hair is super fine, seriously like a baby's (and I'm 30) and, like I said, I tend to fiddle with it.


Mrs. U said...

Hi Melissa!
I can't remember when I "officially" started, but I am still COing my hair!!! I've figured out what works for me and I really like it. I do not wake up to greasy hair in the mornings! WOOHOOO!!

Just wanted to share.

Mrs. U

Mrs. U said...

Hi Melissa!!!
Just an update... today is 12-14-08 and I am STILL COing my hair and LOVING IT!!!!!

Mrs. U :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't washed my hair with shampoo for about a month now, and my hair doesn't get greasy quicker and it looks so much nicer, much more body and more wavier.

You should definitely try again.

Melissa said...

Anonymous....I am! I started this week! Thanks for the encouragement!

Melissa :D